Paano nga ba maging “Financially Literate”

Paano nga ba maging “Financially Literate”? Naitanong mo na ba ito sa iyong sarili? Naghanap ka ba ng maaaring solusyon sa iyong katanungan?

Alamin kung paano maging “Financially Literate”!

Attend our FREE “The Secret To SAVING and BUILDING your FUTURE” Seminar by IMG Truly Rich Makers.

What you will going to learn if you attend the IMG Truly Rich Maker seminar?

You will learn the concrete and practical ways on how to become financially and debt free. Take a look at the topics that will be discussed in the seminar:

Practical Money Management Strategies
– The X-Curve Concept: The Blueprint of Financial Planning
The Six (6) Steps to Financial Freedom
– How Money Works
Investment Strategies
How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation
– How to Create Millions with P1,000/month investment

Financial Planning and Goal Setting Workshop
– Types of Goal-Setters
– What Financial Stage Are You in?
– Powerful Strategies to Achieve Your Financial Goals
– How to Increase Your Cash Flow
– How to Have a Total Financial Peace of Mind
– How to Become Your Own Financial Expert

Other Topics You Can Learn:
– Getting Out of the Debt Trap
– Investment Principles
– The Spiritual Side of Money
– The Winner’s Mindset
– Estate Planning
Health Management


Usual Schedule:

The World Center Makati
– Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
👉1st Session – 10am
👉2nd Session – 2pm
👉3rd Session – 7pm
-Sunday @3pm

LIPA CITY, Batangas
– Every Sunday @ 1pm

BATANGAS City Financial Center
– Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
👉 1st Session – 2pm
👉 2nd Session- 6pm

IMUS CAVITE Financial Center
– Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
👉 1st Session – 2pm
👉 2nd Session- 6pm
– Every Saturday @10am
– Every Sunday @2pm


If your location was not mentioned above and you’re interested to attend the FREE “The Secret to Saving and Building Your Future” Seminar? you can still register and you’ll be informed where is the Financial Center nearest you and its’ schedule. REGISTER here >

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Why Invest in your Future?

Take the First Step: Invest in your Future

When we we’re young, depending on the family or environment we grow up with, proper protection like life Insurance, Health Insurance and Investment are not commonly discussed. We are unaware of its benefits – to us and especially to our family.

I was skeptical also about it because of hearsays from relatives and friends. I do have Health Care /Medical especially when I was employed here in the Philippines and abroad, but I’m not aware of its full potential. I realized it sooner when I attended Free Financial Literacy class of IMG in Makati office how you can properly build up strong Financial Foundation.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) myself, I was enlightened by the great information I learned from the class. Most probably, it not all, and by first-hand experience, OFW’s go home without enough savings and sometimes still have recurring debt. I have known some at the age of 60 still working overseas to support his family and extended families. What happened you may asked? Also, remembering this scenario made me think, what my life would be at the age of 60? Am I still working or enjoying the remaining days of my life?

The phenomena of OFW’s going home broke, most probably due to underlying factors:

  1. No Proper or Strong Financial Foundation of both OFW and Family.
    • Without it proper Financial foundation, both OFW and family may opt to overspending that could result of having no savings and worst case scenario, fall into debt.
  2. Change of Life style or habit
    • Admit it or not, we opt to purchase something we don’t have before when we are young like shoes, etc. Sometimes peer pressure is the common culprit and influence of mass media.
  3. Manana habit or Procrastination
    • One of the culprit also is being lazy and having to adapt the habits of “mamaya na, saka na yan pag mas Malaki na sweldo ko”. Believe me if you cannot save small amount now how could you in the future. Hope you could.

Yes! We can take charge of our future by investing in Financial Education and right discipline. It could be hard at first but with dedication and perseverance – goal is achievable. Remember that you and your family’s future is not in the hands of others, but in your hands.

Remember that to attain financial independence you must have discipline, dedication and perseverance. List down your goal and stick with it. Read Books and attend Financial Literacy Class (Free or Paid). Apply the knowledge that you learned from it. Learn how to save and invest the right way.

As for me, I could have retire earlier if I have known how to save and invest the right way earlier. But is not too late to learn. I suggest to keep on learning and attend financial literacy class at IMG and learn the following:

  1. 6 Steps to Financial Security
  2. How to Prepare for your financial future: X-Curve Concept
  3. How Money Works (The Rule of 72)
  4. Prosperity Formula
  5. How to Build Wealth – the safe and correct way
  6. Learn how to beat inflation

Strong Financial Foundation could lead into a better future for you and your family. Don’t procrastinate and start now. Congrats if you already did! You are in the right tract. Share also to your family and friends what you had learn. “Di ba sharing is good”.

Move Forward! Invest in your Future and Take Action!

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