What is investing in Mutual Fund?

What is investing in Mutual Fund really?

Most of us are skeptical when we heard investing in Mutual Fund. Some will tell us that it is scam, pyramiding or networking. I cannot blame them or argue with them, maybe they have no idea about investing in Mutual Fund yet.

Are you? If not, let us learn together.


Investing as Investopedia defined is the act of committing money or capital to an endeavor (a business, project, real estate, etc.), with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit. Investing requires knowledge, purpose, target amount and timeline in order for our investment to grow. Invest in knowledge first by reading valuable books, blogs, video blogs or attend seminar (free or paid). Know the purpose, it may be for retirement, educational funds etc. Let us also take consideration the target Amount and timeline in order for us to succeed and hit our goal.

In choosing investment vehicle, we need to understand whether or not the investment vehicle we chose beats inflation. For example, does the interest of our money deposited in the bank savings account beats inflation? If no, is there any alternative?

Inflation is the price increase of commodities and services over time resulting to decrease in one’s purchasing power. Inflation is a major factor to consider when we are building up our financial future. For example, 100 pesos today will be 97 pesos next year.

Did you know that you can protect your money against the effects of inflation by investing in mutual funds? Investing in mutual funds protects you money against the effect of inflation. Savings accounts in banks are good as it serves emergency funds but certainly there are not enough, for they are susceptible to inflation and can make your money value less over time.


Mutual Fund is money pooled from a certain number of investors or Continue reading “What is investing in Mutual Fund?”


Why Kaiser 3 in 1 Investment Product?

Bakit nga ba maganda magkaroon ng Kaiser 3 in 1 Investment Product ang bawat miyembro ng Pamilya lalo na yung mga bread winner.
Kapag hindi ka na employed at binawi na nung dati mong employer yung shorterm HMO mo, hindi ka magwoworry kung maospital ka.
Kapag hindi mo nagamit ang annual health care coverage mo hindi sya naeexpire unlike short-term health care (HMO) na no refund ang premiums magamit muman or hindi. Sa Kaiser marereceive mo ang guaranteed Long-term care bonus (cash) sa maturity.
May kasama na syang life insurance for income replacement or protection para sa family just in case may nangyari sa policy holder.
Waived na ang payment kung may nangyari sa policy holder, means wala ng babayaran ang family kahit 1 year palang nakakainvest ang policy holder, ma transfer pa ang health care coverage sa beneficiary.
Nakainvest sa mutual fund ang health fund kaya nag-eearn sya ng 10% rate of returns at may variable earning pa depende sa performance ng stock market.
Good as cash sya pagdating ng maturity, So pwede kang mag-withdraw gamit ang iyong visa card. Hanggat may fund ang account mo, patuloy lang ang pag-earn ng 10% rate of returns (compounded) annually.
Covered ka kahit beyond 60 years old ka na, as long as you live at may fund ang iyong acçount!
In case of emergency, pwede magamit as family assistance.
Maari kang magkaroon nito sa halagang P88.23 a day mas mahal pa ang 1pc chic N’ joy na may drinks & fries bes?
• Sinu ang pwedeng maka avail nito?
Lahat ng nasa 10-60 years old mayaman man o mahirap
basta healthy ay qualified po for this program?
• If you really love your family at ayaw mong maging burden sa kanila either you die too soon or you live too long.
Get Kaiser 3 in 1 ,(Longterm Healthcare, Life Insurance +
Investment) as early as you can, “mas daig ng maagap ang
Para sa klaro at kumpletong detalye, pm lang sa post na ito about your inquiry. or PM me or at 09152069138 / 09081688375🙂
PS: Maari din makakakuha ng Kaiser Senior Care ang isang Senior Citizen na age 61-100 years old.
#PayYourselfFirst #GetInsured #ProtectUrFamily
Credits to Mr. Roberto Prudente for this post!
Cheers to you and your Family’s Future!

Why Invest in your Future?

Take the First Step: Invest in your Future

When we we’re young, depending on the family or environment we grow up with, proper protection like life Insurance, Health Insurance and Investment are not commonly discussed. We are unaware of its benefits – to us and especially to our family.

I was skeptical also about it because of hearsays from relatives and friends. I do have Health Care /Medical especially when I was employed here in the Philippines and abroad, but I’m not aware of its full potential. I realized it sooner when I attended Free Financial Literacy class of IMG in Makati office how you can properly build up strong Financial Foundation.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) myself, I was enlightened by the great information I learned from the class. Most probably, it not all, and by first-hand experience, OFW’s go home without enough savings and sometimes still have recurring debt. I have known some at the age of 60 still working overseas to support his family and extended families. What happened you may asked? Also, remembering this scenario made me think, what my life would be at the age of 60? Am I still working or enjoying the remaining days of my life?

The phenomena of OFW’s going home broke, most probably due to underlying factors:

  1. No Proper or Strong Financial Foundation of both OFW and Family.
    • Without it proper Financial foundation, both OFW and family may opt to overspending that could result of having no savings and worst case scenario, fall into debt.
  2. Change of Life style or habit
    • Admit it or not, we opt to purchase something we don’t have before when we are young like shoes, etc. Sometimes peer pressure is the common culprit and influence of mass media.
  3. Manana habit or Procrastination
    • One of the culprit also is being lazy and having to adapt the habits of “mamaya na, saka na yan pag mas Malaki na sweldo ko”. Believe me if you cannot save small amount now how could you in the future. Hope you could.

Yes! We can take charge of our future by investing in Financial Education and right discipline. It could be hard at first but with dedication and perseverance – goal is achievable. Remember that you and your family’s future is not in the hands of others, but in your hands.

Remember that to attain financial independence you must have discipline, dedication and perseverance. List down your goal and stick with it. Read Books and attend Financial Literacy Class (Free or Paid). Apply the knowledge that you learned from it. Learn how to save and invest the right way.

As for me, I could have retire earlier if I have known how to save and invest the right way earlier. But is not too late to learn. I suggest to keep on learning and attend financial literacy class at IMG and learn the following:

  1. 6 Steps to Financial Security
  2. How to Prepare for your financial future: X-Curve Concept
  3. How Money Works (The Rule of 72)
  4. Prosperity Formula
  5. How to Build Wealth – the safe and correct way
  6. Learn how to beat inflation

Strong Financial Foundation could lead into a better future for you and your family. Don’t procrastinate and start now. Congrats if you already did! You are in the right tract. Share also to your family and friends what you had learn. “Di ba sharing is good”.

Move Forward! Invest in your Future and Take Action!

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The Future – Realization and Its Challenges

The Future – Realization and Its Challenges

In the world where everything seems moving so fast, so as our age. Isn’t it? Someday we will feel all of the sudden that we cannot do the things we usually do. Our body will eventually weaken as we continue to age. Come to think of it – What lies ahead in the future? Are we prepared for the challenging times ahead or are we not? What if we live too long, who will take care of us? What if we die too young who will take care of our family once were gone? Without preparation, whether we like or not most of us will face seemingly challenging life ahead like the following:

  1. Uncertain Labor Market
    • Robotics, automation and powerful software have been developed which causes unemployment.
  2. Low Savings and High Debt
    • Without proper financial knowledge we have to work beyond 65 years of age in order to survive
  3. High Cost of Education
    • Apparently we are experiencing it every year.
  4. Increasing Cost of Living and the like


Our future is in our hand – we must take control by educating ourselves in all aspects of personal finance. It is not easy but we must. Know our priority and understand the building blocks of a solid financial foundation like the following:

  1. Increase Cash Flow
    • Proper identification of wants and needs, additional income through online selling and the like
  2. Health Care (Long Term and Short Term Care)
    • Get appropriate health care coverage to ensure proper protection in case of serious sickness or health problem.
  3. Protection/Life Insurance
    • Ensure proper protection in the event of premature death. If this happens, then you have instant money to pay off any responsibilities and liabilities left behind.
  4. Manage and Eliminate Debts
    • Pay more than minimum and reduce your debt sooner. Debt can turn into a disease and could control life and diminish happiness and limit freedom. Getting out of debt maybe one of the hardest thing to do and it takes time and effort. But you must persevere because you can never be truly free until you are debt free. Live within your means.
  5. Emergency Fund
    • Set aside at least 3-6 months’ income to help cope with emergencies and unexpected circumstances like job loss, business not going well, Home or car repairs, illness, disaster, etc.
  6. Investment
    • Save and make long-term investments for retirement and educational needs of your children. Remember to save and invest the right way.

We must consider our healthcare and protection as a priority. For example you get sick, disabled or die suddenly, your savings might not last very long. It is advisable that we get long-term healthcare and life insurance as our investments. Having equipped with strong financial education and foundation is a must to build and secure our financial future.

Proper Financial Education and discipline will take care of us and our family’s future when time arises such as if we live too long or we die too young. This will also prepare ourselves when we retire and not to be dependent on someone else’s income. Invest in our future by acquiring Financial Education, exercise discipline and apply the knowledge you learn.

As Bill Gates once said, “If you were born poor, it is not a mistake; but if you die poor, it is a mistake. Remember that financial education is not just for the wealthy – it’s for everyone.

Credits to “The Secret to Saving & Building Your Future” book.


Analogy of Langgam to Saving and its Importance

Napansin nyo ba kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga langgam bago sumapit ang tag-ulan?

Have you noticed it? Nakakatuwa sila di ga?

I always noticed them roaming around and marching in a colony like an army or battalion. When you watch and followed them closely, it seems like they are gathering food to be stored in their nest. Probably the foods will be consumed when the time that they cannot get outside due to rain or floods. With this scenario, I can’t help but to be amazed for their commitment and preparedness that we should learn from them.

Bakit nga ba kailangan natin mag-impok? Continue reading “Analogy of Langgam to Saving and its Importance”


OFW or IDOLE ID Card Benefits for Overseas Filipino Workers

For Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) like us, the most awaited launching of iDOLE or Identification Card for OFW’s last July 12, 2017 to help millions of migrant workers worldwide. However, we have to wait for official announcement from our gov’t official or check advisory from time to time at POEA/DOLE for the distribution of the said ID’s as implementing guidelines are not yet finalized. For the meantime, Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) still will be processed through Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System.

The introduction of iDOLE card still brought some light to most of us – OFW’s. Once the ID was issued, it will help lessen the burden of going to POEA to process our Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) especially for returning OFW’s with re-contract or re-hire. Also, we can use it in claiming benefits from reputable government institutions such as Social Security System (SSS), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) and Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF or Pag-Ibig Fund). In addition, like OEC, OFW ID Card holders will be exempted for paying travel tax and terminal fee.

All Overseas Filipino Workers are entitled for iDOLE or OFW ID Card as long as documents are legally processed at POEA. As of now online application for OFW ID Card still not available or still in testing phase. OFW’s was advised to wait for the official announcement or launching and to rest assured that the OFW ID Card is 100% free of charge.

For interested returning OFW’s you may inquire at DOLE offices or any of their branches nationwide and bring valid ID’s such as passport, NBI, SSS and your Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) receipts for validation purposes and proof of identification.  Follow the instruction of the government personnel in-charge at the counter on how to acquire or process iDOLE or OFW ID Card.

For DOLE Branch website link, click here.

For those who already acquired their iDOLE or OFW Card, please tell us in the comment below.

Cheers to our SUCCESS!


Warning! Beware of Investment Scams in the Philippines

Nowadays, some of the so called “Investment Opportunities” being offered to you is not what you think it is. In this regard, we must protect ourselves by continuous practice of due diligence and caution when planning to invest. Besides, Investing in any kind of business venture requires proper knowledge or understanding for our protection and safety. Also, we need to properly identify where to allocate the funds, the benefits and the risk associated of the potential investment. If in doubt, seek professional help prior to commit or accept any investment offer. Continue reading “Warning! Beware of Investment Scams in the Philippines”


One-Stop Shop Service Center for OFW and Aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

“Sebisyo ng Gobyerno: Kaakibat ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Kaunlaran”

For Overseas Filipino Workers and aspiring OFW’s, One-Stop service center inaugurated last August 15 is a must wherein all government services are readily available in one area. It will now easier to process documents and thus saving time and money specially transportation expenses. With, all these improvements, government’s program and services are certainly a bridge and a guide for OFW and would be Overseas Filipino Worker’s welfare

For your information, One-Stop Service Center is located at ground floor of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) main office, BFO Building; Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City (in front of Robinson’s Ortigas). It will be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday and may extend the service with prior approval of the POEA and DOLE Regional Office. Continue reading “One-Stop Shop Service Center for OFW and Aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)”


Investing in Mutual Fund for Beginners in the Philippines

Mutual Fund Illustration by gograph.com

To achieve financial freedom, we must take action and control our personal finances.  Learn how to track our expenses and know proper budgeting. Practice saving regularly a portion of our monthly salary for emergency funds and future investment. Remember to insured our life and health first before we proceed investing in other investment vehicles.

What is Mutual Fund and why invest with this kind of investment?

Mutual Fund is a collection of funds of individual, entity, corporation or other investor and managed by a professional fund manager of an investment company. The pooled funds are then invested by a fund manager to a diversified portfolio like stocks, bonds and other instruments.

The following are the four types of Mutual Funds where the pooled assets are invested:

  1. Money Market Funds -less risky than other funds but low returns. Short term only (1 year or less). Invest in short-term time deposits, corporate bonds and government securities.
  2. Bond Funds – lesser risk than other funds and the returns is greater than Money Market Funds.  Medium to long-term. Invest in bonds issued by corporations and the Philippine Government.
  3. Balanced Funds- medium to high risk but with possible higher earning returns than Bond Funds. Invest in combination of both individual bonds and stocks.
  4. Stock Funds / Equity Funds – high risk but possible highest return from other types of funds. Invested primarily in individual stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Advantages in Investing in a Mutual Fund Continue reading “Investing in Mutual Fund for Beginners in the Philippines”


An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) In a Country like Turkmenistan

There was an excitement and curiosity on my part when I was selected by my employer several years ago to deploy and work in Turkmenistan particularly in South Yoloten.  To be honest I really don’t know the country or the place we are going to work. Good thing is that the period of my stay there brought me learning of their culture, their tradition and the people itself.

Merkezi located in Mary City

By the way, have you been in Turkmenistan particularly in South Yoloten and Mary City? Are you planning to work or travel here? If you are an OFW or traveler bound to Turkmenistan, you should asked the Flight Attendant in NAIA where your baggage will be picked up, otherwise you will be one of those OFW who came there who had lost their luggage and personal belongings.

Here are some of what to anticipate and look forward to and could be helpful and beneficial to you later on. Continue reading “An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) In a Country like Turkmenistan”