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Do you want to reach your child’s dreams even when you’re gone?
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Investing in Mutual Fund for Beginners in the Philippines

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To achieve financial freedom, we must take action and control our personal finances.  Learn how to track our expenses and know proper budgeting. Practice saving regularly a portion of our monthly salary for emergency funds and future investment. Remember to insured our life and health first before we proceed investing in other investment vehicles.

What is Mutual Fund and why invest with this kind of investment?

Mutual Fund is a collection of funds of individual, entity, corporation or other investor and managed by a professional fund manager of an investment company. The pooled funds are then invested by a fund manager to a diversified portfolio like stocks, bonds and other instruments.

The following are the four types of Mutual Funds where the pooled assets are invested:

  1. Money Market Funds -less risky than other funds but low returns. Short term only (1 year or less). Invest in short-term time deposits, corporate bonds and government securities.
  2. Bond Funds – lesser risk than other funds and the returns is greater than Money Market Funds.  Medium to long-term. Invest in bonds issued by corporations and the Philippine Government.
  3. Balanced Funds- medium to high risk but with possible higher earning returns than Bond Funds. Invest in combination of both individual bonds and stocks.
  4. Stock Funds / Equity Funds – high risk but possible highest return from other types of funds. Invested primarily in individual stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Advantages in Investing in a Mutual Fund Continue reading “Investing in Mutual Fund for Beginners in the Philippines”


Saving and Investing Tips for Pinoy

image from of“The earlier start investing, the more time the money can grow” – Sounds familiar? Well, you might heard of it saying by most financial gurus, planners or investment advocates in the seminar, webinar or read it in the financial blog. While it is being true, putting it into practice might be hard for many due to lack of financial education and personal motivation to do it.

In this scenario, educating ourselves and eventually learning the importance of the following tips will help us achieve our goal. Continue reading “Saving and Investing Tips for Pinoy”