Paano nga ba maging “Financially Literate”

Paano nga ba maging “Financially Literate”? Naitanong mo na ba ito sa iyong sarili? Naghanap ka ba ng maaaring solusyon sa iyong katanungan?

Alamin kung paano maging “Financially Literate”!

Attend our FREE “The Secret To SAVING and BUILDING your FUTURE” Seminar by IMG Truly Rich Makers.

What you will going to learn if you attend the IMG Truly Rich Maker seminar?

You will learn the concrete and practical ways on how to become financially and debt free. Take a look at the topics that will be discussed in the seminar:

Practical Money Management Strategies
– The X-Curve Concept: The Blueprint of Financial Planning
The Six (6) Steps to Financial Freedom
– How Money Works
Investment Strategies
How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation
– How to Create Millions with P1,000/month investment

Financial Planning and Goal Setting Workshop
– Types of Goal-Setters
– What Financial Stage Are You in?
– Powerful Strategies to Achieve Your Financial Goals
– How to Increase Your Cash Flow
– How to Have a Total Financial Peace of Mind
– How to Become Your Own Financial Expert

Other Topics You Can Learn:
– Getting Out of the Debt Trap
– Investment Principles
– The Spiritual Side of Money
– The Winner’s Mindset
– Estate Planning
Health Management


Usual Schedule:

The World Center Makati
– Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
👉1st Session – 10am
👉2nd Session – 2pm
👉3rd Session – 7pm
-Sunday @3pm

LIPA CITY, Batangas
– Every Sunday @ 1pm

BATANGAS City Financial Center
– Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
👉 1st Session – 2pm
👉 2nd Session- 6pm

IMUS CAVITE Financial Center
– Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
👉 1st Session – 2pm
👉 2nd Session- 6pm
– Every Saturday @10am
– Every Sunday @2pm


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Paano matutunan ang Financial Planning to Secure Your Family’s Future?

Financial Planning? – Paano nga ba matutuan ito para matulungan natin ang ating pamily masiguro ang kanilang kinabukasan.

Gusto nyo ba matutunan ang Financial Planning to secure your Family’s Future?

Lahat naman gustong matutunan ang Financial Planning lalo na pag-iipon. Yung iba nga, laging sinasabi na gusto nilang yumaman. Pero “gusto” nga ba talaga natin o hanggang “wish” na lang tayo? Ang hirap kasing mag-ipon di ba? Parang feeling kawawa tayo pag hindi tayo nakasabay, pag hindi tayo nakakain sa mga sikat na kainan, pag hindi updated ang mga gadget natin, pag di tayo nakasama sa lakad ng barkada, pag wala tayong bagong pamporma. Hindi nauubos yung excuses natin!

“Saka na lang pag lumaki na sahod ko. Saka na lang pag may sumobra. Saka na lang pag na-promote na ko. Saka na lang pag natapos ko na mga bayarin ko.” Pero napapansin mo ba? Hindi nauubos yung mga dahilan natin! Kaya hindi rin tayo nagsisimula. Ilang taon na tayong nagta-trabaho, wala pa rin tayong naiipon.

Kung sawa ka na sa mga excuses mo, kung sawa ka na sa balanse ng bank account mo, kung gusto mo na talagang magsimula, kung seryoso ka na at gusto mo talagang mag-ipon, Click mo lang ito para matutunan ang Personal Financial Planning>>> NO More Goodbye’s to Secure Your Family’s Future

Matutunan mo dito ang mga sumusunod:
– Learn New Ways of Saving Money
– Learn More About Financial Planning
– Increase Cash Flow
– Savings and Investment Program and many more.


Partners Training in IMG

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

Congratulations and Welcome to all new members and partners.

The common denominator why they join IMG primarily to learn how to save and invest correctly. Like for example to a seafarer na gusto mag save for the rainy days dahil alam nya na hindi forever ang kaniyang trabaho. Na realize lang nya na kailangan talaga ang Financial Literacy when his father passed-away.

May kasabihan nga na best time to save and invest is YESTERDAY and the second best time is NOW.

IMG teach people how to save and invest the right way and transform  family people from spender to saver.

It is never to late. IMG offers Free Financial Literacy Seminar and Investment Class in Makati, Imus Cavite, Batangas City, Lipa City Batangas, Sta Rosa Laguna, Calamba laguna.

Contact 0915-206-9134 / 0908-1688-375 for registration or in Facebook

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How to Build A Solid Financial Foundation?

Getting to KNOW the basic Financial Concepts and/or understanding the Building Blocks of a Solid Financial Foundation may not be the most exciting subjects to learn or talk about. Isn’t it? It is how are mindset is? It’s who the most of us are.

Did you know that this Financial Foundation could save you in case of unexpected circumstances or expenses?

Build a Solid Financial Foundation is just like Building House. You must start or build it from the group up.

  1. You must have proper healthcare coverage in the event of a serious health problem or sickness.
  2. You must have proper protection in the event of premature death.
  3. Manage and Pay off all your bad debts.
  4. Set aside 3 to 6 months’ worth of income to deal with sudden changes in the job or business.
  5. Save and make long term investments.

Learn more of this in our seminar in Makati held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am, 2pn and 6pm. Sunday at 3pm. Register here >>>

Cannot attend in Makati? Attend our Webinar. Register here >>>

Learn from the experiences of many including our IMG mentors Benj and Fely Santiago, Malvin and Matin Leano, Arnel and Jill Pablo to name a few. Learn also from the experiences of Korina Sanchez, Sharon Cuneta and others.

As Megastar said “Right now, yes, I am [liquid]. A few months ago, when my mommy was sick up to the time when she passed away, everything I had was in solid investments, in properties. You could not really dispose them quickly because they are all pretty high end. You can’t sell something overnight. When my mama died, I didn’t know where I was going to get the next million,” she confessed.

Congratulations to all who are taking their first steps in Building a Strong Financial Foundation. As I always telling you that it may be hard at first, but sooner you will understand and appreciate its importance. You only need to have proper discipline, patience and right mindset.

“Financial Education is not just for wealthy – it’s for everyone” – SSBYF Book

Reference: SSBYF Book, ABS-CBN


The Future – Realization and Its Challenges

The Future – Realization and Its Challenges

In the world where everything seems moving so fast, so as our age. Isn’t it? Someday we will feel all of the sudden that we cannot do the things we usually do. Our body will eventually weaken as we continue to age. Come to think of it – What lies ahead in the future? Are we prepared for the challenging times ahead or are we not? What if we live too long, who will take care of us? What if we die too young who will take care of our family once were gone? Without preparation, whether we like or not most of us will face seemingly challenging life ahead like the following:

  1. Uncertain Labor Market
    • Robotics, automation and powerful software have been developed which causes unemployment.
  2. Low Savings and High Debt
    • Without proper financial knowledge we have to work beyond 65 years of age in order to survive
  3. High Cost of Education
    • Apparently we are experiencing it every year.
  4. Increasing Cost of Living and the like


Our future is in our hand – we must take control by educating ourselves in all aspects of personal finance. It is not easy but we must. Know our priority and understand the building blocks of a solid financial foundation like the following:

  1. Increase Cash Flow
    • Proper identification of wants and needs, additional income through online selling and the like
  2. Health Care (Long Term and Short Term Care)
    • Get appropriate health care coverage to ensure proper protection in case of serious sickness or health problem.
  3. Protection/Life Insurance
    • Ensure proper protection in the event of premature death. If this happens, then you have instant money to pay off any responsibilities and liabilities left behind.
  4. Manage and Eliminate Debts
    • Pay more than minimum and reduce your debt sooner. Debt can turn into a disease and could control life and diminish happiness and limit freedom. Getting out of debt maybe one of the hardest thing to do and it takes time and effort. But you must persevere because you can never be truly free until you are debt free. Live within your means.
  5. Emergency Fund
    • Set aside at least 3-6 months’ income to help cope with emergencies and unexpected circumstances like job loss, business not going well, Home or car repairs, illness, disaster, etc.
  6. Investment
    • Save and make long-term investments for retirement and educational needs of your children. Remember to save and invest the right way.

We must consider our healthcare and protection as a priority. For example you get sick, disabled or die suddenly, your savings might not last very long. It is advisable that we get long-term healthcare and life insurance as our investments. Having equipped with strong financial education and foundation is a must to build and secure our financial future.

Proper Financial Education and discipline will take care of us and our family’s future when time arises such as if we live too long or we die too young. This will also prepare ourselves when we retire and not to be dependent on someone else’s income. Invest in our future by acquiring Financial Education, exercise discipline and apply the knowledge you learn.

As Bill Gates once said, “If you were born poor, it is not a mistake; but if you die poor, it is a mistake. Remember that financial education is not just for the wealthy – it’s for everyone.

Credits to “The Secret to Saving & Building Your Future” book.


Investing in Mutual Fund for Beginners in the Philippines

Mutual Fund Illustration by

To achieve financial freedom, we must take action and control our personal finances.  Learn how to track our expenses and know proper budgeting. Practice saving regularly a portion of our monthly salary for emergency funds and future investment. Remember to insured our life and health first before we proceed investing in other investment vehicles.

What is Mutual Fund and why invest with this kind of investment?

Mutual Fund is a collection of funds of individual, entity, corporation or other investor and managed by a professional fund manager of an investment company. The pooled funds are then invested by a fund manager to a diversified portfolio like stocks, bonds and other instruments.

The following are the four types of Mutual Funds where the pooled assets are invested:

  1. Money Market Funds -less risky than other funds but low returns. Short term only (1 year or less). Invest in short-term time deposits, corporate bonds and government securities.
  2. Bond Funds – lesser risk than other funds and the returns is greater than Money Market Funds.  Medium to long-term. Invest in bonds issued by corporations and the Philippine Government.
  3. Balanced Funds- medium to high risk but with possible higher earning returns than Bond Funds. Invest in combination of both individual bonds and stocks.
  4. Stock Funds / Equity Funds – high risk but possible highest return from other types of funds. Invested primarily in individual stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Advantages in Investing in a Mutual Fund Continue reading “Investing in Mutual Fund for Beginners in the Philippines”


Saving and Investing Tips for Pinoy

image from of“The earlier start investing, the more time the money can grow” – Sounds familiar? Well, you might heard of it saying by most financial gurus, planners or investment advocates in the seminar, webinar or read it in the financial blog. While it is being true, putting it into practice might be hard for many due to lack of financial education and personal motivation to do it.

In this scenario, educating ourselves and eventually learning the importance of the following tips will help us achieve our goal. Continue reading “Saving and Investing Tips for Pinoy”